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An Improvised Fantasy Podcast

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   The Show

Knight's Quest tells stories in the fantasy land of Palaedom using improv and a roleplaying game called Knight's Quest, a game of our own creation.


Our current story follows the adventures of a group of sailors called Brodrings. They fight against and with sea monsters. Their magic is clunky and based on runes. All this is happening while the mighty of the spirits are at war.

The story is filled with goofy characters, heartfelt moments, and tons of jokes.


Sound track

Music is an integral part of the show. Each episode has an original sound track written by Jamie Krause. From calm to suspenseful, serious to comedic. Our soundtrack has it all. The music is available to listen to and purchase at band camp. Just click the button below.



The three hosts of Knights Quest, Nathan, Jamie, and Jake, have been friends for many years. They met during their time at college, performing in plays and improv together.  As they were about to graduate, they realized they need an excuse to keep spending time together. So they decided to start telling a story together and recording it for others to hear. This started their journey into podcasting.


5 years later they're still going strong creating high quality fantasy adventures through Knight's Quest

Nathan Strecker

Main Characters: Kariin & Chor

Editor and Producer.

Jamie Krause

Main Characters: Ticket and Saoirse

Soundtrack Composer.

Jake Annis

Main Characters: Zataar & Captain Flynn

Song of the Hero

Song of the Hero follows the adventure of a small town bard, Raner Bjornson, who is the reluctant Hero chosen by the Writer of the story. He and his friends start by doing small stake chores and end up saving the world. It focuses on themes of destiny, free will, choice, and identity.


This was our first podcast and it ran for 3 seasons. At the start it isn't as professional sounding as our current show. However, we're really proud of how the story turned out. 

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