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An Improvised Fantasy Podcast

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   The Show

Raner Bjornson is a bard from the kingdom of Glenwood. After strange events shake up his home town, he and his friends are sent on a journey fighting magical spirits, exploring dangerous dungeons, and starting trouble where ever they go.


Follow along as Nathan, Jamie, and Jake, improvise this fantasy story using dice, stat sheets, and their own wit. Every joke is made cannon, and no one knows what's going to happen next. Join the community and listen to new episodes every other Friday.

We recommend starting in Season 2



Sound track

Music isn't just part of the plot, but it's also an integral part of the show. Each episode has an original sound track written by Jamie Krause (Raner). From calm to suspenseful, serious to comedic. Our soundtrack has it all. The music is available to listen to and purchase at band camp. Just click the button below.


Nathan Strecker

Characters: Writer, Leroy, Grorg, Abiil, Rhaesh, and everyone else.

Editor and Producer.

Jamie Krause

Characters: Raner Bjornson, Trouble, and Saleem.

Soundtrack Composer.

Jake Annis

Characters: Katrina, Jonathan, Quis, Eloise, and everyone that Nathan doesn't play.

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