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Knight's Quest: the Game

The Knight's Quest Podcast is based on a role playing game of the same name. This game is critical to the formation of the story. The game itself also develops as the podcast continues, changing with the world and characters. 

Now you can play it too!

On this page you'll find links to the official character sheets and rule book. Please feel free to download these and play in whatever way you want. The game is still in development, so the rule book will be updated from time to time. Let us know your thoughts, and who knows, your ideas might become part of the game!

The character sheet is the building block of every game. From here any type of character can be made. 

Download or print this two page character sheet to get started today!

Character Sheet

The second most important piece of this game is the dice. What makes version 6 so special is the use of narrative dice, made popular by the Star Wars Roleplaying game. These dice can be tricky to get used to. Use this friendly cheat sheet to help you get started.

Narrative Dice

Narrative dice can be purchased online or at your local gaming or book stores. We always recommend shopping local and supporting nerdy businesses. But if you like convenience, here's a link to the dice on Amazon.

Honestly, this part is optional. The rules are a great place to start to help you understand how to build a balanced character and use all the different stats. However, this is your game now, and play it how you like!

As mentioned earlier, this game is still in development, so this document will be updated from time to time. To help with that, we want your feedback! If you come up with cool ideas or notice any issues, send us an email and we'll use that information to make the game better!

The Rules

That's Everything!

Now you have everything you need to play your own game of Knight's Quest. Play around in the world of Palaedom or build your own setting. Create goofy, serious, and bizarre characters. The story is yours! We'd love to hear about all your adventures. Contact info can be found below. And who knows, maybe your stories will become canon!

Thanks for all your support and feedback. Knight's Quest is fueled by the fans for the fans. Good adventuring Questies!

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